Living Waters Distributions is a 100% black female owned company established in 2014 with the sole aim to become the information hub in variety of educational and inpirational book distributions channels. LWD is now streamed lined into communication and marketing servives to play a role in helping the up comimng and existing SMME's brands and create more employment.It's this background below that gave birth to Living Waters.

The main driver of Living Water Distributions existance is when the director saw the need to establish a learning and reading cultureamong previously disadvantaged youth in Langa township.The passion grew and impacted the youth greatly and expanded to the community at large.

The director also once owned an events management company in 2006 called Kita Events Solutions. Kita Events has been passionately and succeessfully organizing and managing community based projects, events and exhibitions for more than 10 years and holds huge expertise and experience in the field of marketing and events management.Kita Events has recruited and placed quite a number of staff of more than 50 people over the years though marketing campaigns, community projects and exhibitions for a number of institutions including Old mutual, SAB, Weddings and staff functions. In addition 2007 Kita events was awarded a R200 000 communication tender by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestryfor water and sanitation exhibition campaign project.

The director holds N6: Business Management, ND: Office Managementand Technology,and B-tech Project Management.In addition the director was also awarded the Initiative and innovative award by Old Mutual (Green light - Life cover) and Telkom Spot Award.

Living Waters Distributions is committed and aims to be the business leader in communication and marketing services in the Western Cape and across South Africa by 2018.

Living Waters Distributions strives to excel, best serve its clients by optimizing its capital resources, employing the best skilled personnel, and continually improving its world class customer service and quick turnaround time through the total quality management and just in time principles.

~ Tenacity
~ Quality
~ Speed
~ Communication
~ Fairness
~ Generosity

Gender Empowerment : Female
BEE status level : 1
Directorship : 100%

Year founded: 2015
Founding member: Zimkita Phala
Strategic Acquisitions: Top Efforts Corriersas a distribution company and related business partnerships
A Proud Moment

Verse: John 4:14 "Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever"
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