Born in Langa, Cape Town in the 80's raised from humble beginnings. Zimkita Means: "Black beauty, derived from the beauty of a pitch black stallion. In Xhosa that blackness is called Umkhitha." And the second name Boitumelo (Means: "joy" in Setswana) the name closest to my heart given by my in-laws.

Langa is one of the first townships in Cape Town which fostered good neighborhood values "my child is your child" visa versa.

Memory lane of life from growing up in the old hostel hubs which was for migrant workers, I recall the sharing of facilities by 2 families in one room and I often wonder as a young girl how did I survive (toilet which was a hole opened on the floor without a sit). I can only thank God who saved our lives as children. As we moved from the hostel, we could nowenjoy the luxury of at least sharing a3 bed roomed house as a functional family.

I also thank my mother who prayed me through my teenage years that could have robbed me of my life and future aspirations, the critical stage whenchildren need good parenting. I remember a neighbour who acted as a big sister to me when my older sister was in the Eastern Cape; she held my hand and believed in me. She advertised my profile into modelling agencies which I featured in a couple of international TV shooting commercials and together with her family stood by us through difficult times even when I lost my father.

Life at home was very influenced by reading of Encyclopaedia books and TVprograms likeYO-TV, JAM ALLEY and Motswako which propelled my interest into TV presenting.

Through my father who always wanted the best quality education for us I attended my first grade in a township school called Siyabulela Primary School and later movedto Holy Cross Primary School and graduated to Good Hope Seminary Girls High School. I remember inGrade 10 when life was challenging, I walked into a strange lady that was working at the department of Labour who happen to sooth my situation. She helped me to think positively in life and natured my interpersonal skills.

I furthered my studies with tertiary qualifications in National Diploma: Office Management and Technology, N6 Business Management and B-Tech: Project Management.

Now the wooden spoon at home was the microphone and my mom's dressing table mirror the audience. I guess this is where my energy, vibrancy and spark came from: "It all comes from within".WellI am not the best singer but I still made it into the church choir and privileged to be given a task to introduce the choirin all live concerts we had around in 1999England tour.

The church continued to sharpen my public speaking skills furtherby offering me opportunities to welcome guests and that alonegrew into MC at variouscommunity Sport Events, Youth Programs, Weddings and WomenEvents and I am still tasked with this role till today.

Through my Project Management qualification then this speaking phenomenal grew big into managing and coordinating events holistically from start to end. Thus made me to venture into a formal business to do what I naturally do best,engaging the clients from all different sectors, backgrounds and keeping all stakeholders in tune with the event.

As a keynote speaker I always establish the objective of the event, further study and research also bring my expertise on the subject matter.

In 2006 Old Mutual and AV Staging were my first donors where they planted a seed for community events inLanga where I saw the need to close the gap between the youth and their parents. This was marked by successful FAMILY FUN DAY and Mother's Day projects. I also established Langa Youth Club in partnership with Boys Scouts and Catholic Welfare Development.

Department of Water and Sanitation previously known as DWAF (Dept. Water Affairs and Forestry in 2007) also gave me an opportunity to run their communication project for the Water and Sanitation campaign week.

In addition, as a responsible citizen, I also employed and placed a couple of Langa community members and beyond young and old into various positions. This I still do everywhere I go to help our government to eradicate poverty, It all start and end with education.
Verse: John 4:14 "Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever"
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