Web Development Process
The Process it follows:
a. You book your website in
b. You send us your logo and the booking information
c. We place your banner on our Projects page for viewing your website through development
d. We invoice you - sent to your existing email address:
    i. On all specials: Payment is 100% upfront
     ii. On all packages: 50% upfront and 50% prior to uploading
e. We develop your home page and place it up for feedback from you
f. We do changes and develop the rest of the website, whilst always placing this on the back of our website for you to review and provide changes �
g. We register domain and hosting
h. We upload the website and do maintenance on the website
i. You provide final changes
j. And we complete the website

Booking Requirements
What we require:
1. Personal Details (for booking and domain, hosting registration)
a. Full name
b. Company Name
c. Address
d. Tel
e. Fax
f. Existing Email Address
g. Cell
h. VAT number (if required)
i. Preferred Domain Name: 1)
           2)           3)
j. Preferred Email Address: ����������..@yourdomainname.com/.co.za/.net ... etc

2. Website Information required: (Sent via Email)
a. 3 to 4 websites that you have seen anywhere on the internet that you like
b. Your logo - if you have one
c. Preferred colours
d. A Brief Description that best describes your company and what you expect the style of the website to reflect.
e. Then your page information: Or supply us with Page headers that you require �
     i. Home page - text (a piece about your company) and any images
     ii. Contact details - that must appear on this page
     iii. About page - about your company
     iv. Services or products - Information about your services, plus images, etc
     v. Gallery page and References - images and text

Verse: John 4:14 "Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever"
Send us an Enquiry
email info@livingwatersdistribution.co.za
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Fax (+27) 867705332
Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa
Trading Hours:
Monday to Thursdays:
8am to 13:30pm- 14:30pm to 17:30pm
Fridays: 8am to 12pm-14:30pm to 16:30pm
: 8am to 1:00pm
Closed Sundays
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